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04 January 2009 @ 04:28 pm

Mar. 17, 1991

1:26 am

Here I am on the plane that will eventually take me to Israel. We will have 2 stops on the way and the ride will take approx, 16 hours.

I said goodbye to Brain earlier today, it was really hard; crying and everything. Now that I am leaving and may never see him again, it was really sad. We may meet in Nepal in a month or so, but I am not sure that it would be worth it since we have such different opinions and in some ways are just not compatible at all. On the other hand, I really care about him and maybe with a bit more understanding we could work out something. I am really tired now and emotionally drained. I am going to try to sleep.


3:44pm Bangkok time

Been traveling a long time now, but this is the flight to Israel, finally.

7:00pm Bkk time – 2:00pm Israel time

I am finally in Israel, outside the airport, waiting for the bus to Tel Aviv. It’s great to be back in Israel even though nobody met me. I am so happy to be back, I could cry.