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16 March 2009 @ 10:23 am


June 2, 1992

Hong Kong. I hate this place!! It's past three in the morning and I can't sleep it's the same every day here.


I also think I made a bad decision. I told this guy I would go to Japan and I regret it now. I hope I don't get stuck there or anything else bad. He told me he wants to get in a Nepalese guy in on a transit visa.

I quit my job at Mad Dogs Pub today I worked there for only three nights.


June 2, 1992

Made it to Japan and we got in. The only problem is that there was only one plane back and I would've had two hours to catch it if we didn't have over an hour delay out of Hong Kong.

It's a little after six o'clock now Hong Kong time. The next plane back is not till Friday in three night’s time. I'm on a bus now on my way back to the hotel are reserved in the airport I'll take this bus to Osaka downtown and then the subway to Minami Morimachi where the Toko Hotel is. The bus by should be about 30 minutes and the subway I don't know yet