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29 March 2009 @ 10:41 am

August 21, 1992

Marcus called me yesterday morning and I called him back today and spoke with him he said he wanted to fly me out to Germany for a week. And he also asked if I love him. He told me he thinks about me every night and it will be coming to Hong Kong in September but he doesn't know the date yet.

I am living in Victoria hostel now and the people are nice. The facilities are great. I'm still teaching English at have one job two hours a week for $200 an hour ($26.)

I'm really missing my roommate Tess. I can't wait till she comes back from Taiwan.


August 30, 1992

I'm in China now Yang Shauooa, just for week vacation. I wish I hadn't come even though it's very beautiful here (big green rocks everywhere.)   This is in the Guilin province, were the Chinese say is the most beautiful place on the earth.


I left Hong Kong not in the best health. But my dorm was much too cold (below 50°F) and I came here quite sick and still am. I left Hong Kong early on August 27 met my friend Robert at the Garden Hotel and we got the MTR (subway) to Kowloon Tong, where we caught the KCR train to the China border. We walked through, then got tickets and took a train to Canton , took a bus than a cab to a boat terminal and bought tickets for a supposedly 10 or 15 hour boat ride to Woo Jo (the boat took from 5:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. the next day, in other words 20 1/2 hours.)

The boat was horrible I felt like a prisoner it was full of little tiny boxes with numbers and there were two levels. In each box we were given a mat and that's what we slept in. There was also terrible food on the boat.


I really felt crappy. Especially since in China, it seems that they think that there is some type of evil in saliva, or in their mouths. So the Chinese people spit everywhere in fact there were people on the boat spitting bad parts of apples right onto the floor even from the top level beds. 


Robert and I checked into a hotel or a supposed hotel, a room had no mattresses and no hot water. The next day we caught the bus here, nine hours Yang Shauooa. Now I need to leave day after tomorrow but I'm not one back out way.


Yesterday I slept pretty much. Today I was feeling better so we went to lunch and then I went shopping in the market. Came back here tired and hot and began to rest vomited my lunch and I'm just resting now hoping whatever is wrong with me gets better.