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16 March 2009 @ 10:23 am


June 2, 1992

Hong Kong. I hate this place!! It's past three in the morning and I can't sleep it's the same every day here.


I also think I made a bad decision. I told this guy I would go to Japan and I regret it now. I hope I don't get stuck there or anything else bad. He told me he wants to get in a Nepalese guy in on a transit visa.

I quit my job at Mad Dogs Pub today I worked there for only three nights.


June 2, 1992

Made it to Japan and we got in. The only problem is that there was only one plane back and I would've had two hours to catch it if we didn't have over an hour delay out of Hong Kong.

It's a little after six o'clock now Hong Kong time. The next plane back is not till Friday in three night’s time. I'm on a bus now on my way back to the hotel are reserved in the airport I'll take this bus to Osaka downtown and then the subway to Minami Morimachi where the Toko Hotel is. The bus by should be about 30 minutes and the subway I don't know yet

08 March 2009 @ 10:12 am

May 20, 1992

I am now in Hong Kong, a big, modern, commercial city. I got here yesterday and had dinner at McDonalds; it was great!!! My stomach is still upset from the food in Nepal, I was constipated there and then had diarrhea, back and forth.


It is nice to be in a modern place after Nepal, but now that I am not there I kind of miss it. The people were really friendly.


I met another traveler in the airport. He lives, studies and works in Taiwan, just like I want to do. I went with him to get my visa this morning and we are rooming together. He is from Canada near Toronto. I also found out that American passport holders have the best visa to Taiwan, not like Hong Kong where the best visas are for those in the Commonwealth (England, Canada, Australia, etc.)


I am thinking of buying the Sega hand system which I can eventually sell and make money.


May 22, 1992


I met a gentleman name Jack Wong yesterday evening and today. He told me that he has work for me, traveling and working earning $100/day plus the airplane tickets. It sounds great and I hope that he is for real, not a con man or something else bad like that. He says that he will be in Taiwan in July, so I’ll see soon enough. He flies back to USA this evening.


02 March 2009 @ 09:54 am

May 9, 1992

Back in Katmandu. I have been really sad and lonely on this trip; I should never have left Bangkok to go back to USA.

I am sitting in my room, 2 beds, table, shelves, bathroom (with western toilet) and shower for 80 Rupees (50 Rupees/US Dollar, so $1.60/night.)



May 17, 1992

I am about to eat my 2nd to last meal in Nepal. I am going to Hong Kong in a few days, and from there I can go and work in Taiwan. 


The food here in Nepal is great and cheap. Tonight I am eating an Italian dish (lots of Italian food in Nepal for some reason) of large noodles with tomato sauce and mushrooms. It should be good.



22 February 2009 @ 01:31 pm

May 5, 1992

I am now at the Hotel Pagoda at lakeside Pardi in Pokhara. I came here after the jungle safari. It is really nice here, but boring. I am moving to the other side of the lake where there are other people.


The weather is getting worse; it is shitty, grey and cloudy. It’s getting cold at night. One day it was really clear and the ice topped mountains are so close, big, and beautiful, but with the clouds they cannot be seen at all. When it was clear, it seemed as if the mountains are just towering overhead on every side. The gigantic Himalayan Mountains are just surrounding this little place and makes you feel real small. The nature here is just breathtaking, and I just wish that I had not come at this time of year and instead had made it here 5 months ago when it was clear, clean and sunny.




Later that day:


Moved to the New Tourist Guest House on the other side of the lake.


May 7, 1992


I was planning on climbing Annapurna from here (there are climbs for Everest or Annapurna mostly with Everest being the hardest.) Now that it has begun raining lots of climbers are coming down and it seems that it will not be possible to go onto the mountains now. Since I am not a great climber and some really good ones are coming down, saying that it cannot be done, I will take their advice seriously. So let’s see what I can do now for the rest of my stay in Nepal.

15 February 2009 @ 09:43 am

May 4, 1992


Everything that I have heard of is here: Katmandu, Himalayan Mountains, Mt. Everest.


However, it is a very poor country, like the ads on t.v. to feed starving children, Nepal looks like these places, but all of Nepal is poor like this.


The region is mostly Hindu, so cows are sacred and walk freely on the streets. Most of the people wear dots on their foreheads for good luck, even men. The people are very friendly and seem to like the Jewish religion. Everything about these people is primitive, the way they live, they way they wash, their houses, their shops, so called cities, and most amazingly they know English and very well. Even the children that work selling things of the road, from about the age of 5 or so know English. Since they have to pay to go to school and many cannot afford to go, so from a young age they are already working. About 50 percent of the population is under 18 years old.


Pricing for all rooms is based on who you are and how well you bargain. Make sure if you are going to Nepal that you do not go this time of year, since it is the end of the dry season and the start of the rainy one. The Himalayans can only been seen really early in the morning before the dust is in the air and then there is no visibility, soon all there will be is rain here and that will not be fun at all.


08 February 2009 @ 11:39 am

April 27, 1992

I made it to Chitwan National Park. Making it here was a real pain in the ass. Yesterday I was rafting all day on the Trisuli River. The day went well till we had to go back to get our bags. When we got back to our bags, at the old campground, me and another boater, Yoram, got on the local bus.

Last night I stayed in a town called Mugling and finally today made it to the park, where I will enjoy a safari.

April 28, 1992

Today so far has been really nice. They have a big day planned for us today. This morning we went on a jungle jeep ride for about 5 hours. I got to see lots of animals, rhinos, monkeys, water buffalo, deer (2 or 3 different types.) This afternoon we have a canoe ride for an hour or so and then a 3 hour walk in the jungle.

Last night it rained and that was nice; it took a lot of the dust out of the air. Today is really hot again.


April 29, 1992


The canoe ride and the jungle walk were really stupid and so was the bird watching this morning.

I am now at Pokara and the bus that was supposedly a tourist bus actually was a local bus and the ride from Chitawan National Park to get here took 7 hours.

The room here is really nice and clean though. The cost is 150 Rupees ($3) for my own room with 2 beds and a western toilet (with a seat.)


01 February 2009 @ 01:39 pm

April 23, 1992

Bought a ticket yesterday and am at the airport now. The flight is scheduled to leave at 2:00 pm and it is 1:20 pm now. I hope I get more excited once I get there or I will be returning to Israel sooner than expected. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Here I come Katmandu! 

Later on…

Here I am now in Katmandu, Nepal. I can’t believe it, Mt. Everest, Himalayans. It’s too much.

The people here are really, really poor. People living in the streets. It’s completely different than anywhere I’ve ever been, so interesting. I am rooming with a guy, John and we have a bathroom and shower in the room for $6 a night ($3 each.) I paid to go on a 3 day safari in the jungle. I leave in 2 days. It cost a lot ($17/day) but it should be great.

My father will probably be upset since I will not be able to contact him while in Nepal, especially in the jungle or down the river camping out. I also would like to climb Mt. Everest, being so close and all; it may end up being better than the Colorado Rockies, which were fantastic. My mood is better.

April 26, 1992

I am now off the highway in some little town which runs along the river I have been rafting for 2 days. Last night we camped up river and today are bags are not here. We must go back, an hour by bus, to our old campground.

I was supposed to raft for 1 more day, but now I will go to Chitawan National Park (for the safari) tomorrow, a day early and try to get some of my money back.

25 January 2009 @ 04:01 pm

April 10, 1992

Still in Miami, but I have a ticket out on the 15th. I have been having a great time here, seeing all my friends and going out with them.


 April 14, 1992

Went with Steve to Orlando to Universal Studios for the weekend and we just got back, we left on Saturday and today is Monday. It was really fun. Universal wasn’t great, but the hotel, restaurants and everything else was good. I would like to get a party together for tomorrow night, my last night. Hopefully I can get enough people. Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friend Mitch.

April 15, 1992


Here I am on the plane which will eventually lead to Bangkok. I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I don’t feel anything special for USA. I have got to do what is good for me. There was a really nice get together for my last night in USA and we played the game “To Host a Murder.” All my friends were there and I really enjoyed myself.

April 21, 1992

Made it to Bangkok alright. It was a really long flight: 
Miami to New York (2 hours), to Alaska (1 hour), to Seoul, Korea (6 ½ hours) and finally Bangkok. 36 hours in total! Bangkok is really hot and humid. I was planning on going to Indonesia, but I decided instead to go to Nepal.

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18 January 2009 @ 09:58 am

Mar. 29, 1992

As soon as I got back to USA, I waited outside the airport for about an hour before my father came and got me.  We went to his house, out to dinner and an old friend Jack came to see me.  I made plans to go see my sister, Andrea in Gainsville (she is in University of Florida there.) 

I spend the weekend with my sister and had a really nice time.  One night out at a country bar/disco with her boyfriend, John and another friend of theirs, Todd.  Last night we played a mystery game with 8 of us and Andrea made dinner.  She was a great hostess.  She has really grown up to be a beautiful woman and very capable.  Her boyfriend really loves her and I am very happy for the 2 of them.  She is very happy and that’s all that I want for her.  I really love her and am sorry to say goodbye.  Now I’m on the way back to Miami.


18 January 2009 @ 09:55 am

Mar. 25, 1992

Here I am eating my last meal in Israel for a while.  I am sad to be leaving again and don’t feel any happiness in going back to USA (Miami..where I was born and raised.)  I am trying to look at it as a new experience, but really don’t see much good coming of it.

Last night I was at the youth hostel, but 2 nights prior to that, Yosi from the Astor Hotel let me stay at his apartment.  It was really great.  This is the end now. 


Here I am on the plane how.  I hate El Al Airlines and will never fly them again.  They have again put me in the 2nd to last row in the middle seat (4 seats in the middle row.)  This flight is really going to suck.  16 hours of h-ll with Hassidics davening and me having trouble sleeping because I am not against a window to lean on.  There is nobody next to me yet and I just can’t wait to find out what smelly jerk will be put here.

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